Hana Bunny (Hana Dinh, Vietnamese name: Đinh Ngọc Thùy Dung) is a Vietnamese-American cosplay model and social media influencer. She was born on November 20, 1990 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and she currently resides in San Jose, California.

In Vietnam her father was a comic artist who often let Hana read his comics, which led her to developing an interest in comics and anime.

She started cosplaying in 2009 and has done over 200 cosplays. In the beginning she would tell her parents that she was dressing up for Halloween, but when the cosplay got more elaborate, she told them what cosplay was and they were very supportive. They even went to conventions with her to show their support and to check out the scene.

Her favorite cosplay that she has done is Tifa, which has also been her most popular. She credits its popluarity to it’s accuracy. The most difficult cosplay that she has done is Sona from League of Legends. It was so heavy and elaborate that it broke during a convention and she was only able to wear it once.


Hana mentions that when picking a character to cosplay, she does extensive research into the character so that she could not only nail the look but also the personality as well.

In an interview Hana was asked whether or not she has ever been sexually harassed at a convention, to which she replied yes. Initially when she spoke out about the incident, she said no one listened to her, however as more and more people came froward with accusations, the alleged person was eventually kicked out of the cosplay community.

While Hana Bunny does post lewd photos on her Patreon, she does not post nude photos or implied nude photos

With her popluarity, she has faced criticism from people online saying that she doesn’t create her own cosplay, she overly photoshop her photos and she wears ‘fake boobs’: